Chronicles | WIPE TODAY 6/10! | RP-PvP 2x Gather 3x EXP | No Gods | Events w/Active Admins!


WIPE TODAY! Fresh start. First event on Friday!

Welcome to Chronicles, where Hyboria is more than just an open bloodbath! Our goal is to add an exciting series of content for the endgame aside from ravaging and raiding bases people have slaved over! Our admins are active weekly, and separate from any clan so there will always be fair and balanced play!

2x Gather | 3x EXP | 2x NPC Damage | Short Night | No Gods | Weekly Events | No Skybases

OUR MISSION STATEMENT: To provide an active, exciting early, middle AND endgame experience beyond the standard drama of raiding each other’s bases that provides additional lore and chapters in the world of Hyboria for never-ending fun and content!

Raiding Times: Friday evenings, and all day saturday/sundays!

Events: Admin dungeons, Jumping Puzzles, Arena Battles, Boss Battles, Slave Thrall battles WITH betting, and an Admin-spawned Purge!

Admin Dungeons - Weekly and Monthly dungeons with ranging difficulty with rewards proportional to the difficulty. Open PvP during the dungeons thus you can ally up with another local clan OR fight them to the death for the claims on the spoils!

Jumping Puzzles - Tough to reach puzzles with simple rewards at the end scaling to the difficulty of the puzzle. Rewards refilled weekly at the end of each puzzle.

Area, Boss and Slave Thrall Battles - Battle to the death in an arena for the ultimate bragging rights and prizes, against your kin, against bosses, or sending your hard-trained thralls at the rival’s thralls to see who comes out on top! With a scoreboard and prizes, every bit of involvement is worth it.

Admin-Spawned Purge - Defend your base against waves and waves of thralls for prizes! The bigger the base you build, the more thralls you will have to fend off! The higher the tier, the more thralls to fend off as well! Only will happen when your clan is actually online for the event.