Cimmerian berserker location

where is the cimmerian berserker, he’s no longer at his spot for days now on different servers

He is there. He goes to fight the nearby blue dudes (what were they called again).


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I knocked one out last night on PS4, was walking near main entrance.

I can confirm, I have both killed and tamed Cimmerian berserkers in the last few days.

On PC SP I’ve got this dude right at the Stargazers’ Crest a couple of times.

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Found him 2 weeks ago fighting those wights but now I looked everywhere. I’ll check stargazers crest later then

Maybe the wights won? I got one last night at his usual lake location so he is definitely still there.

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I got one just in last hour at the same location he is mostly at right below the mounds walking around like he owned the world

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■■■■ o the Walk thrall…

Silly filter… taking out fine words

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