Cimmerian Berserker was killed by following you?!

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug?!
Server type: PvE
Region: EU

Walk along a Mountain and boom…
Cimmerian Berserker was killed by following you
Are you Kidding?! :smiley:

It’s ok for Conan. It’s survival game and your thrall didn’t survive


People from my server have lost several leveled thralls, stay away from elevators, bridges, and mountain tops, edges. Mine took some fall damage in the jungle biome too, luckily not a lot.

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Your thrall is damaged on half of his max health in case of falling.
So your thrall should have more then half of health bar to survive single fall damage. If you see that hp is less then half, then better to not walk with him

Hey there,

We’re aware of issues similar to this one and our team is looking into it.
Apologies for the frustration.


I just had the same thing. My beloved Frost giant died while following me. It happend 4 times that he took 2000 or so damage for no reason - last time he died. I had just killed a boss and he still had 2400 Life after that fight. Turned around walked over to the Chests which were like 20m away and he disappeared for like 20-30 seconds and then reappeared dead.
Every time when he took damage he had disappeared before for like 30 seconds and when he reappeared he had about 2000 (or about 1/4 of his max HP?) less life. The last time he was dead which is very annoying because I really liked him :frowning: He had good attributes and a good perk and is tough to get.

To me what happens seems that he for absolutely no reason falls through the ground and takes fall damage. I was in the unnamed city on flat ground with some foundations there. Happens all the time that he suddenly disappears and then takes probably fall damage.
I would love to have him revived by some GM (one has to dream). How about you completely disable fall damage on pets while you are trying to find the cause?

Until you get a handle on this, why not code it so that all followers (aside from mounted horses) simply cannot take falling damage, or set it so that no matter how far they fall, damage they take cannot be fatal? It’s such a simple solution to something you guys have ignored forever.

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It is definity NOT!

He was at 100%!

Yeah that would be a great idea!
Especially until it’s Bugfree (means never) :smiley:

Yeah that would be a great idea!
Especially until it’s Bugfree (means never) :smiley:

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