Cimmerian horn and bazaar

It seems seems the Cimmerian horn replaced another emote, the one we can sit in a khitan way, I do not remember the name… Anyone else lost an emote after buying another one in the bazaar?

And another question, is the bazaar of the chapter one is gone for good?

Why do you think that? Because it uses the same icon?

It is there, under the “Sit” category, where it belongs:

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Weird, I had it in the chapter one, but not in the same location… and now… look

Maybe I had it by mistake?

Look there

Weird, I do not have it anymore…

Thank you :slight_smile:

Did you buy it? I heard they fixed some emotes being available without having them purchased.

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I am not sure… That’s why I’m asking if the chapter one Bazaar will come back… :slight_smile:

all free emotes 9available by mistake) are deleted
bazaar only and yes, they will return
btw, hows horn? good?

It’s funny, I will have to test the distance, maybe it will be useful somehow… if we can use it in battle, probably more useful for rp player… tbd :slight_smile:

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maybe later, still, dont want to pay 3 usd for single emote lel)))

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