Circular fondations vs big placebles

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [SA]

I believe other players as me are having the same issues.
First thing, its a real challenge try to place a big object like great wheel of pain or the map over a circular building fondation. The game have a big problem to render properly buildings. It’s showed to players the fondation, but for the server there is missing some of them (I had a similar issue trying to place a fence over a wall, the server didnt recognize any wall there. Fixed after relog).
With big objects relog doesnt fixed because the missing fondations can come back, but other will “vanish” for server.

After this first challenge, if we build a closed or semi-closed building and try to reposition the map, forget.
The video below can explain better this second issue

I had to dismantle many of the walls and fondations to place again the map there

There is some wierd situations where the player has to know what he needs to place first and usually its not a logical way.
For example, I cant place a stair first then 2 normal walls on both sides, the colision doesnt allow me that.
BUT, if I place the walls first I can put after the stair

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I’m just impressed with the people that can make the circles well like that at all. Tried my first circular walls the other day… looks like it was constructed by a drunken sailor. Fortunately, my character WAS drunk (mead, highland wine,) so there’s that excuse working for me.

Rotate the map room with mouse scroll and that will allow you to place it.At least that works for me.

Praticing. On my firsts circular buildings was hard and wierd.

This works only when there is only fondations below. I forgot to do this on video, but i tried ingame.
And the worst part, only with fondations, i had to rotate many times until game accept