Cities overhaul

adding camels at serpemaru near prison and near pub with conan for more life, those camels could drop suplies + achivment for punching camel to death

let npcs sandboxing, and extend use of emotes, its just horrible look at all those npcs being static

as you make new hub near prison, maybe let traders sell more exotic stuff like brimstone, tar, and inside city let em sell hardned bricks oj just bricks, it could be added as part of manufacturers district, as they have to produce bricks when they have city build from it

add few drunken npcs in front of pub, let npcs sitting on some benches

add some livable places for npcs at volcano

also if you drag thrall with you trought serpemaru let others be agro, it looks little bit weird when you go with slave in middle of day and noone cares

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Being static and standing are two distinct concepts. Static implies (means to me) of a model on the design table, being worked on, and standing is about a finished in-game model repeating a specific animation pattern.

You are absolutely correct here. No finished in-game model should ever deviate from the level of living environment that their artificiality shines thorough it. In other words the illusion must never be broken.

Adding a pulled mule and a master walking, here and there would indeed make the game’s believability rise. Not because a new template makes the difference, but because it would be based on realism of the scene; it is what we await from a situation like this.

Nothing that they sell makes the settlement any more believable when the characters themselves lack personality. This is indeed true. :confused:

What would make them more believable is that some of them could deny their services from some of us due our personal values or actually deliver us an order of our choice, within some deadline, based on scarcity variables in place, and make it back to the settlement safe and sound, or maybe even our place without dying (or dead in case the worst happens, then the faction there blames us for it).

In other words the task is to separate characters from typical game logic which is the symptom the settlement suffers from.

Also allow some of us the chance to steal from them.

Only if the dragged npc is from that settlement. If we drag one of their enemies however, they wouldn’t care, but raise their fists in salutation.

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