Claimed land visual assistance

Every good builder likes to ensure he/she has their area locked down or has enough room to build what they need. Though sometimes every now and then they miss something. Leaving a hole or mistaking where the edge of the claimed land actually is allowing would be raiders or trolls to exploit this weakness.

Suggestion: add new function to repair hammer. Equip repair hammer to see a discolored area (green for your clan red for others) that indicates claimed land.

PvP: This feature would permit players to now see the holes in their build or ensure they have claimed enough land from their walls to keep trebuchets from being functional.

RP/PvE: this feature would help builders from different clans see exactly how much room they have to work with when building next to one another. It helps to see where passages have been claimed to prevent trolls from blocking off. Every PvE builder of note plans out their build. And thus has an idea of how much room they need, when building in a populated area this tool can help them find the perfect building location.


the reason this shouldn’t happen is because they don’t want you foundation spamming to prevent a trebuchet from hitting you.

they do this anyway

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What you ask is already in the game, but it is not visible. I have lags when I load the game, so it takes a bit before everything renders and I can confirm the borders you asked for are there under the graphics to delimit the building zone. Green is for you building, purple is for altars from what I have seen so far.

As stated people already do this regardless. And funcom’s answer was to degrade single blocks or less then “x” amount of attached blocks faster then the rest of your building.

This feature I’m asking for is for both PvP and PvE applications. I’m aware there is an under texture coloration. However I’m looking for something that makes claimed land visable to the player so they can better plan out their builds. Information is a powerful tool.

I second this really good idea.

Same thing for fighter thralls would also be very useful.

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this sounds like a good idea, it’s a real hustle to claim your land to prevent attackers from easily buildings raid towers or trebuchets really near to your main base.

there is a good function in the game life is feudal : your own , where you just press some of the F-keys(f10 i think it was) and there will be your ground highlighted with a green coloring, it makes the task of claiming way easier

this may happen anyways, but with a correct implemention it would atleast not look like someone just misclicked 1000 foundations over his place , all in different rotations and aligned solo or in a couple of blocks)

I agree that it should show node ranges as well so you can ensure you don’t accidentally anex them.