Clan abusing zones

Server: Official Server 1977 (PvE - C), South America.
Players: MACS ; KzA^^
Proof: imgur /Nd7wyqa
Location: GH 78 - Savana

Hello. My name is Lucas. I play in the Official Server 1977 (PvE - C), South America. I started build a base around GH 78, at the Savana and, after 2 days, a group of two players put a SINGLE piece of sandstone in the back of the base i was just building. That alone is a shet reason, but thats no the biggest problem. Not happy with only blocking the way for me to build me base, they started to aggro two three skull bosses towards my base for them to kill me and all my NPCs. I dont know if thats punishable but the real reason of this message is below.

They not only have build walls around a huge area of the map, but that area holds boss spawns and the path to the High Lands, the ones with green forests. I hardly climbed the walls of their base and after i get into it i discovered (the actually discover) 3 or 4 places of the game.

I cant attach files cuz im new, so im leaving the link for some prints i toke.

I tried to post your link by searching for Nd7wyqa, but nothing showed up or I would have posted a clean link to help you.

Unfortunately, it may not help that much since Funcom does not have the people that would be required to administrate the multitude of their servers. They just can’t handle disputes on individual servers.

If you have found and can describe an exploit of the game mechanics, though, they can make changes eliminating the exploit.

If so, use this link or DM @Ignasi and/or @Tascha with the details, please.



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