Clan banned for construction in texture

I want to leave a complaint about the action of admins of official servers. My «Fox Hunting» clan played on the Official server # 1306 PvP - IP: and we all got banned because we lived in the black lake view tower. Players on all official servers live in textures, because clans that use SpeedHak and also live in texture come to the server. How do you offer to defend against them?
Play and don’t live in texture, so that in two days you’ll lose everything, because the player can’t fight with a player who uses SpeedHak. Therefore, players live in the texture to fight with them, but the admin bans for playing in the texture. Why didn’t the admin come and destroy our structure and the structures of other players who live in texture? Was it easier for the admin to ban 10 players because he was too lazy? Why play the game then ???
To prevent people from living in textures, close them. But you do it badly, then why give a ban ??? I would not live in texture if there were no players using SpeedHak in the game. I ask that our clan be allowed to play on official servers, because this is fair.

So if I understand correctly your conception of fairness is that if one player breaks the rules, all other players are also allowed to break the rules, and the admins are not allowed to ban anybody because there are others playing unfair, too. RIGHT?



the Rules are clear in this case

also beware of, if you want contact the Funcom Forum Support.

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