Clan blocking brimstone pit

Is there anyway to report a clan for blocking brimstone pit?

they wont get ban from that they will only tell you that its part the game survival thats what they told me here before

Fill out the email support form located here. Provide as much details as possible. Please keep in mind that they may not respond to you.

That’s ridiculous. However admitting there are other ways to get it: killing rocknoses, the grove, mini bosses and some bosses, high level thralls among other caves you can get them from. However that creates a more difficult game for someone wanting to enjoy it. smh i guess get stronger to contend against them or if it’s PVE switch servers.

Its true funcom wont do anything about this matter

I suggest the Shattered Springs in west, or Deathwhisper ruins (few of those caves have brim)

Gallamans tomb also has small amount.

Couple other spots… names always escape me.

I agree on pve and pve-c servers should be slightly different ruleset to prevent blocking OR they could create a super purge area around oblisk and shattered springs among other areas of vital need to discourage building in those areas.

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Map is old, but the brimstone spots are still the same (Yellow dots)

I suggest avoiding public servers.


I suggest war until they bend to your will

what server? screenshots/>?

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just farm gods and get on their ■■■■■

This is a somewhat common tactic on PVP servers and it usually forces other clans to farm brimstone from caves and other places. It can be worked around but the reason for doing it in PVP is tactical and obvious. Cut the flow of brimstone and reduce the amount of bombs your enemies have.

On a PVE or PVE-C server I’m not sure why anyone would really do that.

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