Clan blocking several obelisks


Clan abusing server: Les Berberes
Server Name: 3200

The Clan above is abusing of their might by blocking several obelisks. Last two that I noticed that were blocked was at the sinkhole and on the volcano. The buildings they create have doors locked on open that they close once the pvp time start.
They also claimed great part of the volcano so that there is less to no thralls to catch anymore.
Is there something that could be done against this type of players?

Yo i notified them for a week and a half straight we were undermeshed bombed by dupers. The admins and managers for funcom dont care about their few official servers that are populated. They entirely blocked off the obelisk right by our base. I tweeted multiple members of their team did everything they asked for, just told me they were too busy to help their customers. Tweeted the general manager of their company, other managers. They dont care. Sadly community is the only way to go if ur gunna play this game…

@Hugo @Ignasis @Melcom THANKS FOR TREATING YOUR CUSTOMERS LIKE CRAP. Reply more to my PMs and do nothing that is described for your job description. Good job failing to police the servers that youre releasing new customers into a horrible official server environment. Their team is a complete failure sadly

they even blatantly brag about it on their servers lol

You can report clans trough official channels.

Please follow the guidelines mentioned in that tread and make sure you attach screenshots as well.

Lol this is all they will do tell u to report through official channels, you do it, they do nothing

I posted numerous screenshots like this one

They didnt care they just tell you to waste ur time reporting for them to do NOTHING about it

There isn’t much you can really do about it, something may change in the future but yeah until then not much without a great deal of effort and knowledge of game mechanics a good clan and or a great deal of free time.

Although griefers often have undermeshed body vaults made from their alternate accounts, making dealing with these types of griefers next to impossible to even attempt alone.

I recommend maybe waiting them out, keeping claim on the server and either try another server for a while or maybe play something else until you can plan something or maybe try single player. Just don’t try to fight them unless you are ok with the headache and time sink, biggest thing don’t ever respond to them in global, they feed on the salt it’s why they do this.

Hey there,

I believe this is the second time I see this post on the forum itself within a few days.

Accusing players on the forum itself and bashing developers is against the Conan Exiles Community Guidelines - please read. Keep it civil.
Also, Melcom is a volunteer forum moderator, they are not a Funcom employee and have nothing to do with policing servers. You should leave them out of the issue.