Clan Blue/Orange/Red system

Clans often at times need to build an alliance to take down bigger clans etc. It’d be great if the clan bosses could set perms against other clans.


  • NPC’s won’t attack clans classed as blue - even when the clans hit each other.
  • Base Chests / Doors that aren’t “locked” are accessible (need to implement a door lock system)
  • Autolock doesn’t attach to other clans (works same as current clan systems)
  • Heal arrows work with all members
  • Dots don’t affect blue players.
  • Blue clans have time limits imposed (can’t be blue for life) and cost X fragments of power or something (ie it costs to align).


  • NPC’s won’t attack until orange clans hits other players (kind of like it does now but more formal)
  • NPC’s respect raid times and won’t hurt said players until raid times are in play
  • Heal don’t heal orange clans.
  • Orange clans can’t use rival clans map rooms.
  • Orange clans can’t steal from unlocked chests and/or rival clans horses.


  • NPC’s attack on sight.
  • NPC’s within a base will still attack RED clans even outside raid times but must be within X radius of “base” blocks.
  • Red Clans can’t be Oranges / Blue until X time has passed (stops people from gaming the system).
  • Red clans can have items stolen from unlocked chests
  • Red clans can have horses stolen from rival clans
  • Thralls can be knocked out like normal NPC’s (might make the HP harder)… so they can be eitehr killed off or be part of the loot system.

Additional Notes:

  • By default all clans are “RED” with one another.
  • Wishlist: Logs aren’t echoing “who/what” during raid times. I think giving ppl heads up on being raided ruins the strategy it takes to set that up properly.
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