Clan cheaters and bug

one clan enters the server and using cheat and bug,kill everyone and raid until everyone leaves the server and go to another server, and they are not possible to kill

Uh, This is pretty vague. Any more details?

server 1310

Could you please provide some context? I would not like to know how they perform the bug/cheat, but it would be useful to know what is happening in this video which is a bug/cheat and if this causes things to be insta-killed, frozen by lag or if it causes the entire server to crash etc.

Do they take no damage and have no armor on, do they keep the player away using a weapon or do they run too fast/‘teleport’/fly or do they do something else?

If there’s any problem with them, are those creatures pets or wild creatures and are they spawned or dragged over? / do they not react to them?

If you consider this an exploit, please report it as detailed as possible on the form linked here: Useful links - Official Conan Exiles Wiki

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