Clan disband issue

In the past when I plan to spans all stuff reverts back to the original owner I just did a disband of a clan and I didn’t give back the stuff and left it with the clan leader of that time is that an issue because of the note on her issue going on

All of your stuff remains with the clan when you leave. That’s how it’s always worked as far as I’m aware. The only case where you get to keep the stuff is if you are the only member of the clan when you leave.

Correct. The moment you join a clan, all your belongings (except your inventory) become clan property, and it is not (and cannot) be returned when you leave. If the clan is disbanded, everything becomes the property of the last remaining member (who will by default be the Leader).

It has to the best of my knowledge always worked like this, there was certainly never a time when individuals could get their property back when leaving - the game just isn’t set up to handle that on a technical level.

If you want to have your stuff with you have to put it in your inventory and leave the house before you leave the clan.

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