Clan Disbanding

Is there anyway to implement buildings reverting back to their previous owner(s) after a clan has been disbanded instead of the clan leader. I say this because I have now been left homeless after my clan leader had a bit of a spat with the server admins, All my hard work & that of the other clan members has gone up in smoke because my clan leader couldn’t be bothered to do the decent thing and pass on leadership before he rage quit the server. This hasn’t been the first time that this has happened to me either, and its now making me very weary about joining clans in the future.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the short answer is ‘No’. You can of course continue to be in the clan, but with an absentee Leader, that’s a risky thing indeed. Perhaps you can contact the server admin and get them to transfer clan ownership?

The clan leader completely disbanded the clan (rage quit), which therefore kicked us all out and reverted our bases to his ownership, I spoken to server admins, I don’t think there’s much they can do in this instance…Its frustrating as hell.

Depending on how involved the admins wanted to get, it would probably still be possible for them to do something, but they may not have the time, the skills or even the inclination to get involved - and that would be a fair deal. Your ex-leader being a dick is not their fault after all. It does set a dangerous precedent if all cases of guild drama would have to be handled by the admin team after all.

But to answer your question, there’s no in-game ways to handle this, if anything could be done, it would require a technically skilled admin doing so manually.

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