Clan dynamics, weather, and doors

Good work on Conan Exiles, it’s a fantastic game. However, there are a couple of things I feel is lacking from the game in a major way.

1.a) Clan dynamics. I wish that you could set other clans and players as “ally”, “neutral” or “enemy”. Allies would gain permission to use all doors, thralls, etc that you have. Obviously, only clan leaders or unaffiliated players could set an attitude towards others.

1.b) In the same regard, you could set door permissions (neutral or allies or only yourself) to allow neutral grounds, which is necessary for role play purposes. Best way to approach this would rather be to have all doors accessible by default, and I stead apply locks to doors to which you could set access as you see fit, or make keys. This possibility also opens up for a locksmith feat. An almost identical feature already exists on chests.

  1. Weather. Have the sandstorm use different paths to make it less predictable. Also, make it differ in size and intensity. Make the whole sky brown and red for a longer time if the storm is longer. Make it last longer. Likewise, create more varied weather around the map. And make then not always appear in the same spot every time.

Thank you.


FYI: There are lore reasons (in-game) why the sandstorm always starts and stops in the same places.

That said, more diverse weather and sandstorm-like effects in other locales would be cool (snowstorm in the North, ashfall in the Volcano etc).


Thank you for the reply. I was not aware that there are lore reasons for this. However, my main wish is that doors are made usable by everyone, and to apply locks to keep non-allies out.

I agree that being able to set Clan loyalties would be a very cool and useful feature. This is especially true for rp but could be valuable in virtually all of the game settings. As it is, the current settings force you to be more of a recluse. I was on an rp server that was PvP and built a really cool base I wanted to show off. I had alliances with other clans but with my Thralls placed, anybody I showed it to not in my clan would have been instantly attacked. I know you can hide the thralls behind shut doors but what a pain especially if you have a big base that is well defended.

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