Clan got DDOS raided

Good point.
another way to think of it is when you crank your car over and over and it won;t start. Pumping the gas pedal is a normal response, but that will only flood the engine, and make it even harder to start.

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Or different games want to open the same ports via UPnP and your router says NO, as it is already reserved. Just restart your router.

But my friends and I dont have banana Internet, so maybe its different in our cases.
I know the above scenarios from RL friends in PSN chat, which are unable to play FIFA or CoD if the played the other game before.

Seriously… how egregious can you possibly be? You know who you are. Take a butt whoopin like a man and stop the bulljunk.

Funcom, get control of your game, for crying out loud. @Tencent must love the idea of buying a company that cant properly moderate their own game.

isnt it ironic.
official are supposed to represent the greatness of the game yet the only ones working are those you have to pay for

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