Clan Leader left clan as last person but clan didn't assign to him like times before

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Hey all,
my clan and another one wanted to join up on an official server. Like we done it several times before the clan leader kicked all other clanmembers out of the clan and then left the clan by himself. However this time the clan’s base, items and so on didn’t assign to him and still are assigned to the now empty clan. Anyone have an idea why this happened and if there is a way to solve this issue (there are hundreds of playhours in this)?

I’ve heard of this once before. Over a year ago a clan ran into a similar issue where the clan leader icon was not assigned to anyone. After months of Emails sent in they finial tried to all leave the clan. Needles to say it did not work and they lost their base. Also unfortunate for them me and my 3 clan mates were there to clean it all up. So this was probably not helpful for you but at least you know it’s happened before.

thx - we already wrote to funcom - really hope they can help with this issue

This is the level of support and customer care that some people think FunCom deserves a payrise for. Turkeys voting for a second annual thanksgiving springs to mind. :joy:

Just found out what the problem was in our case - “the clan leader” (according to displayed ranks) kicked all members and left the clan → clan still exists.
However somehow he wasn’t even the “real clan leader” - one member was still in clan as he logged in (however only as normal member). As he left the clan the clan’s base assigned to him. Weird bug.

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