Clan looking for dedicated members

Hello all,

Right now we are two people holding our own on a brutally competitive server. We would like to grow so that we can hit back convincingly hard when someone hits us.

We want people who love the game like we do, and know they are in it for the long haul like we are. We want an active server, and love the politics on the server, and want to experience all aspects of the game. We are not worried about who is ‘Alpha’ and want other good clans around to keep the server challenging and fun.

We will always respect that real life comes first, but want people who will communicate regularly and be respectful to other clan mates. We are not a raider clan, so our general philosophy is not to start wars, but we want to be able to FINISH them! We do not want griefers, just cool people who love the game.

Contact me if interested.