Clan looking for pvp challenge

Hi guys, there is a clan on my server who said they have never had a challenge. They are looking for a fight.

They said ask people to join 3590 (where they are well established with all the servers wealth). If you don’t like the sound of that come to 3591 where a 1 man clan has captured almost all the obelisks to prevent blocking, and has maps all over the place. They are only 2 weeks old on that server.

Be warned they are a 10 man clan, and possibly even 16. I can tell you they are a clan who keeps their word, and will not attack until provoked. Message anybody from the - clan on 3591 if you want the challenge. If you need I will donate to help anybody who fits the bill and has 1 clan member that can hit 60 in under 4 days.

Thats why it should exist temporary server transfers, cross server clan fights, but I think FC won’t make it happen, maybe if they use Megaserver like GW2, that World vs World are neat.

Making a server where clans could transfer to with the worth of their items might work, but buildings would have to go.

Ty Shadoza, I will look for it.

Yes, only the players would be able to transfer, they can carry stuff in their inventory tho, it would be like “traveling to that realm” (server) to face another enemy. This would change the game in another level, being possible to fight other clans outside your server.

Battleground servers would be nice too, capture the flag, duels, etc.

Mix it whit the purge system, to be able to temporaly teleport a base and do raids from/on for a spec time. Can be used on pve servers to but jsut to raid and the base oner get a nice reawrd if its a good defense.

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