Clan Management?

Is there any form of clan management?

I just made a Clan. Only me in it right now. But I can’t change anything. Not even MOTD? It just go back to something german or something that the game as made?

The only thing i can do is leave clan. But seen otehr say that if i do that i loss all my stuff and it will be owned by the clan?

Anyone? Is it a bug or am i missing something?

there seems to be a bug with the MOTD

the way clan ownerships works is, the last person in the clan, owns everything.
if you are the only person you can leave and everything will still belong to you.

but really why leave? you can change the name without leaving. the purge only works against clans.
there is no advantage or difference in being in a clan alone, or not in a clan at all.

there aren’t really any clan hierarchies or ranks, other than leader.

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