Clan of Lag/Arrow Exploiters


On my official server , there’s a clan of players who use hundreds of Torches to prevent us from raiding them while they kill everyone’s animals and use Glitched 100% arrows to kill us , granted we use claws to counter it but they a trollish exploiters who are using these bugs to raid others and prevent other from raiding them. I’m am on Official Server #3651 Pvp , they are SolarFlare, they are spamming 5k torches creating massive lags making them unraidable at the current moment.

Screenshots provided by my clan leader , I had to get out as I was in it when one of their members were spamming it, we tried destroying most of them but ran out of bombs doing so

There’s still time for you to edit your post, so I’d do it directly if I were you. There’s a no naming or shaming rule here, for various reasons, and my hope is you’ll keep your information flowing without directly involving other players. That sort of detail is best kept to Direct Messages once engaged by a staff member.

What you’re pointing out here is something we can (in my PvP experience) compensate for on the PC by going into low-end laptop mode. On our PS4 we don’t have that ability.

Have you considered placing three trebs in Montana and hitting them from there? One boulder will kill many of those, and one demon barrage will take out four+ square foundation blocks’ worth.

No, we just farmed loads of bombs , we got rid of some but it’s just bad over there at their base, way too much lag to get close enough to know how far to shoot

100% AP arrows are not nice. But was normal bug… But placing 5k torches is nothing “exploited”.

You can also place the goob version to get frostbite or use furnaces instead of torches.

And If bombs were not enough, you should really try a treb.

Actually, calling out a clan isn’t really naming and shaming since he is not listing actual player names.

Have to be careful not to give too much ground to those causing the issues.

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What a remarkably appropriate name though. :smiley:

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I always see posts about ppl building bases and lagging out other characters. My question is if the base causes lag like that then how do the ppl who live in the base play?

No idea

Yes, yes it is but they changed it to something French I think, I cant pronounce it

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