Clan Options - Toggle Friendly Fire

Maybe a toggle for friendly fire so we can run dungeons without beating the cr*p out of each other - really important in my opinion as I’m in a social clan who likes to run things together. Personal chests/doors or a way to add a pin code or lock to take away the paranoia of clan members stealing stuff - not as important for me but I know a lot of others who would appreciate this.

I would also add the option of peace between clan so our pet and npc wont attack them. A way to create alliance but separate the purge so my allies could help if they want to.

Dont hold your breath. No one from the Dev team has mentioned anything about the clan system in forever. I agree with both posts it would be very nice to have some kind of clan/friend system in place that ment something.

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Friendly fire against clan members is reduced already and tbh i’m not sure why PvP servers have it reduced in the first place. In my opinion, Nobody should get a slap on the hand for friendly fire because they’re in the same clan and you should be just as detrimental to your allies health as the enemy to promote better team coordination.

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