Clan Ranking dismantling building pieces?

I love how clans now have a ranking system to determine who has access to the clan vault. But do you think it would be possible to have the same rules apply for dismantling structures? I know it would clash with the building mechanics, so I’m not sure if it’s possible. We unfortunately recruited someone on the server and it was a rival clan member with a burner account and he dismantled everything while we were asleep. At the time we “were” the alphas of the server. Now everyone’s disbanded because of all our work being dismantled in one night. Would it be possible to make it so recruits can’t dismantle friendly structures but only personal building pieces?

Faced a similar problem and agree with your request

espionage is fair play, don’t let just anyone in your clan

I also agree to your statement lol
Not fun to b on receiving end
But it honestly adds more depth to PvP in my opinion

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Damn politics in everything war alliances trueces and espionage lol

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