Clan Recruitment: House Cernunnos

Clan Invite Discord Link:

Note: DM Me on discord should you join us. Roles are only approved after screening not automatic. I do a sort of White List on my clan membership.

As a player I seek people that will be loyal to our group and purpose. I don’t need wishy washy, undecisive people. There is no particular direction except to enjoy roleplay and the company of our people. We are on a pvp server with a high level of agression. I myself am playing on an intel HD card so my graphics are not all that pleasant, I myself do lag alot so I am based in the newby zone.

What I need are people with Gorean BTB knowledge that can encorporate Aqualonian culture into the them. Right now we are trying to survive. We need active people, people whose sole enjoyment is going into dungeons and guiding a half blind war chief into places he has yet to explore.

Giant Spiders, Dragons etc. Tree Demons World bosses. I am wanting their heads on the walls.

If you are a person that loves to go out there and farm mats and go the places only the experienced dare to go. We need you. I want both women and men to join my cause. The Argossian Empire is strong and desreputable in the south as well as their are forces in the north stirring. We are a small house that cannot choose sides as they both are disreputable and agressive. We are built on the water and have a decent defensive build but we are only a small speck of sand compared to those upon the land.

Join our military, Join our defenses. We are goreans by culture. Trust, Honor, Loyalty without question. We are based on cursed sands 2 at Skulkers End with a cache in the north by star metal.

These are the present mods used on the server we are maining on.
1.) Pippi -
2.) Immersive Sexiles Extensions -
3.) Sexiles -
4.) Thrall Wars -
5.) Pickup+ -

This is the server we play on:

Recruiting Needs: Dragon Hunters, Spider Hunters, Star Metal Specialist, Obsidian Gatherers, Temple Explorers,
((Role play NEEDS))
Gorean Minded: Kajira
Gorean Minded: Warrior
Gorean MInded: Black Smith
Gorean Minded: Builder Caste
Gorean MInded: Peasants
Gorean Minded: Slaver (thraller)

DM Me on discord: Mourncaller