Clan Recruitment, looking for 7 people to create an Official server 10 man clan!

How many times have you tried to play conan just to be wiped by a large clan? How many times have you went to a server and stolen loot just to have the whole server turn against you? Our whole goal is to create a 10 man clan made up of builder, farmers, fighters, scouters ect to come tg to take these servers out/ purge them persay! Come join the fun you know it sounds like a blast, no toxic behavior just come have fun taking over!! Experience would be nice but new players also welcomed! If interested you can comment here or add me on discord! Logic#7405 tysm - NA region not EU

Welcome to the community Puma.

I just saw a funny video today posted in this forum, and reading your post, I cannot help but think of it.

Here go the lyrics:

Welcome to the Exiled Lands, have a look around :blush:
anything your game addicted brain would like is found~ :star_struck:
We’ve got thousands of players, some wholesome, some worse :sunglasses:
And if you get wiped out… well, you’re not the first :smiling_imp:

And it continues:

Welcome to the Exiled Lands, it’s a griefing fest :partying_face:
'cause a random guy just broke your wall and emptied all your chests~ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
He just chopped up your whole body… he just took some mooore! :heart_eyes:
…and you can’t raid his base, it’s meshed through the floor :scream:

by Casually Screaming.

I am not playing PvP, but either way, good luck for your server, I hope you find good clan members and have fun.