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I am sure that this has been brought up. But what do you do if you are in a clan, which was doing well. Then everyone left and you are the only one. I am an officer so I can invite, but I cant do much else really.

I am still keeping up the good fight and if our clan leader comes back, I will help them rebuild.

But, what if they don’t come back?

There should be a clan setting that switches the leader based on time on the server to protect things.

As mentioned, I wish my clan would come back. But what if they don’t, am I doomed to start over and lose things?


Only option is to convince the leader to log in for 1 minute and give you leadership. This will allow you to kick individuals that don’t want to play to make room for new guys.

I would not kick them. I just want to make sure that they have something when or if they come back.

Well, then as long as you can come back, just assume the role of leader without the title. If you have open slots fill them, make alliances, make war. They abandoned you, so survive. Conan is a survival game :slight_smile:

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Good point.
What about automatic promotion of the highest ranking player who has been online during the last 72 hours to leader once a month has passed?


This is more in line with what I was thinking. You can always make a person a clan leader again. Not harm in that if they return.

But there needs to be a (gulp…) decay timer on clan titles above recruit. If they don’t log in for a month, they drop down, month by month until they hit recruit. If leader is demoted, the longest tenured highest rank assumes leadership. If all members have decayed to recruit, then Clan is dismembered. This would help clean up the Clan listings/names in server databases. All their bases would have decayed, so literally they are wiped off server, only leaving their level 60 solo person.


This is something sorely needed on the PvE server I’m on. Several months ago, we had an alpha take a leave of absence and add another alpha to their clan to act as custodian over their maprooms, etc. Well, that leave of absence seems to have since become permanent, leaving the good natured “custodian” player in a bind.

You see, the guy who has been custodian over all these things is now getting burned out and would like to have some help maintaining things, or at least ensure that his own main base doesn’t crumble away. While my clan is willing to assist, since the other guy is only an officer and not leader, there’s no way for us to accomplish this.

Note that it’s been many months since the original alpha departed without leaving any means for the other guy to get ahold of him, so transfer of leadership just isn’t possible here. No clue if it’s possible to action this sort of thing on a private server, but considering this is an official, that’s kind of a moot point.

EDIT: Just out of curiosity though, is something like this possible on a private server?


This is kind of my scenario. I don’t kind taking care of things, but work travel has been killer for me lately.

I still maintain what I could. However some of it crumbled away. But that being said I have all their thralls in a fridge lol.

But if there was a way to become leader I could manage things slightly better. So there should be something in place to keep the clan going.

But at least if they do come back I am in a good place to help rebuild. Harder to do when you are solo but I have been managing.


Hmm… Funcom people should look at the Clan system there in the good old Lineage II. Leadership is passed automatically there if clan leader is not online for too long. I agree with the idea of decaying clan titles and disbanding “dead” clans automatically after that - it can improve the Purge by the way by compressing the clan data table.

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