Clan Role Suggestion

Maybe officers should be able to relinquish their role and make someone else officer , making them member and who ever they make officer , a officer will help when big clans need rotations without giving up leadership

Why can’t the clan leader?

From what I’ve seen, this type of thing is done when the clan leader is ghosting the clan. Instead of this suggestion, how about a coup function where officers can vote a clan leader out of leadership.


Yeah but to if leader is reluctant to do that they need more options

If the leader is that weak on their ability/confidence, leave them.

It’s a common thing with bigger clans that you rotate ppl in and out. the clan leader can’t always be on and you only want so many level 3s because only a lvl 3can kick and invite.


Shouldn’t just be with larger clan. Succession plans are required regardless of size. Clan size can grow drastically in a pvp environment as refugees scramble after their clan leadership leave the clan high and dry. If your clan hierarchy isn’t established and stable with or without the clan leader, then you get issues like the OP has. No leader and officers trying to run what’s left. Need a way to usurp that leader

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