Clans, and the way Clans work


Guilds (clans)

It should be - join a guild, and the guild’s master designates a clan stronghold (or is already working on one). Each member of the guild KEEPS THEIR OWN HOME/BASE AND PROPERTY. Guild access, dues, labors, “rights”, etc. are then worked out among the guild! (set by Guild Master obviously)

This is a common sense approach to a online multiplayer guild.

(You can even “flag” people that get kicked from Guilds for “not playing nice with others”. [the flags can even be tiered to represent if someone is guild kicked more than once] This would be a notifier to other guilds to use caution before recruiting this person [good way to keep lazy players, trolls out of guilds] Which could lead to flagged players joining up to make a guild of their own - Laughing Coffin-esque)