Clans useing dupe glitch in sever 3166

Plz funcom put a stop to this clan useing dupe Exploit clan name aimbot i have proff in my dms that they are useing and telling me how to do it there building every were placeing 100 volts under sea blacking of shatted springs blocking all teleporters there Breaking all the rule of the game

3201 they did the same thing too me viking clan they dupe bombs they hit me 30k bombs in 1 week

I’ve played in 3166 with my old clan over one year ago. We got the whole server trying to hit us. We were one clan away of wipping the server (Decepticon clan from Italy). We raided Aimbot in their main base and got some juicy loot. Decayed one base they had in vulcano for some loot.

They are a very old clan, and actually the only one which survived 3166 glory days. I doubt they are dupping, they are there since the early days. 3166 has been dead since Russian Mafia clan (I think they were banned by funcom due to extreme cheating) wiped the server over one year ago.

If Aimbot is your problem and you have a free spot on your clan, I don’t mind returning to 3166. If there’s someone there from the old glory days, it might be fun :))))

Drop me a private message and I’ll join the server and help :slight_smile:

They probably had a body vault with previously duped mats. Hence it seems they are duping now. be surprised at how many people exploit body vaults and non decay of loot.
Just one body can hold about 7000 raw mats (dragon powder, tar, jugs) of bombs alone.
If you don’t store the jugs, then it is closer to 11,000. Or at least i heard from a “friend”.