Clarification on official server rules?

Can a clan be reported if they block or build over top of “Ghosts” that point to a hidden treasure chest? Which said treasure chest has also been built over top of!

Quick back story.

So I logged in today on official Xbox Server #2727 only to find a Clan had decided to build a spider web of foundation walls in and around my base just to be a dcik.
They are taking up a massive amount of land in doing so.

Now I know that’s not against the rules. But it’s annoying. This server has been pretty friendly, I’ve helped new people out giving them materials and thralls when needed. My gates are open so people can pass through or collect resources.

There always has to be that 1 toxic clan that wrecks it for the server…

Actually spiderwebbing is possibly against spamming rules. Report another zendesk. I don’t have the link.


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