Clash of Faith || [EU/PvEvP/RP] || Fresh start 29-5-2018

Welcome to the exiled lands!

Were you struggle to survive and withstand the harsh nature.
Divided by religion you must see if you can dominate these land and call it home!

Clash of Faith is an Roleplaying server with an focus on the form of religion you have. The lands are divided each to match their gods.

Server IP:

want to join the discord ask here or message Creative


  1. Names:

  2. Keep all the names within reason, no crazy or weird names.

  3. The server will be mild RP following Conan lore, try to name yourself as such.

  4. Anything deemed inapropriate could result in sanctions (think of a 24 hour time-out).

  5. Lastly noone should be named Lord, King, Priest, these titles are to be earned in time and naming yourself as such will not be tolerated.

  6. Religious Areas:

  7. Anyone building in religious areas is considered a follower of the religion, if found out you are not this could have consequences for your future in the lands of faith.

  8. Areas without indication of religion are free to settle on by non-religious people.

  9. All towns, cities, fortresses etc. in religious areas are not to be raided unless war has been announced. (Unlawful settlers excluded from this rule)

  10. The non-religious areas can be treacherous and dangerous, some might call the lands savage. (Do not attack without RP)

  11. Traveling through any religious area is allowed to all, be mindful that you may run into religious people. (Do not attack without RP)

  12. There is no rule against conversion of religion, though be wary of what you may bring upon yourself and your chosen religion. (There might be war)

  13. Religious areas can shift throughout time, help us grow the community. (Use discord for religious land claims)

  14. Building:

  15. No blocking of anything. (e.g. nodes, dungeons, cities)

  16. Try to keep your building RP as much as possible, obviously we do not ask you to build entire cities (unless you want to), but try to deter from giant block bases.

  17. Everyone starts with nothing, building a small base to get started is to be expected, when done with it use the built in demolish function to get rid of it. (A clean server helps against lag)

  18. General rules:

  19. Always try to value your life. (RP characters could be excluded from this rule, contact admins if your character is as such) (e.g. 1 vs 3 is not a fair fight, getting away might be the better option)

  20. Go into RP with someone before attacking, random attacks are not allowed. (E.g. finding someone to stand behind you without saying something is not a valid reason for attack, go into RP first or walk away)

  21. Please refrain from any inappropriate RP, such as the forcing of something upon someone, adult RP etc. (Only exception of this rule is when it is in private and consented to by all parties involved)

  22. No combat logging, RP logging, any of the sort. (Simply put, do not log out when you are in a situation, wait for it to play out)

  23. Do not AFK while being online, RP might happen to come along and you will spoil the fun for the other parties involved. (Multiple warnings may result in other sanctions)

  24. Allow people to respond with RP, give them time, not everyone is as quick as you might be. We have set a limit to 20 seconds for someone to respond, after this period they can be considered AFK. (Please do not take advantage of this rule)

  25. Make it known when you approach a situation “Out of Character”, this should only be done using text by applying (OOC) before your message, voice chat should always be RP. (Private conversations are excluded to this rule, make sure it is indeed private)

  26. Important notes:

  27. Clash of Faith is new, there will be hickups and it will not always go as smooth as one expect, please trust us when we say, we are doing our best.

  28. Always respect the admins and their decisions, if at any time you feel you have been treated unfair, please contact us through Discord and we shall do our best to resolve the matter.

  29. The admins do play on the server but do so on seperate accounts, these accounts do not have any special abilities and are capable of nothing more then you. (Should you ever feel there has been abuse please contact us through out Discord)

  30. This rulebook is ever changing and evolving, please give us advice on discord if you feel the need.

Hello everyone,

I tried to log in using the server IP and that didn’t work. Is the server still up?