Clash of Kings: Respectful PvP - No Griefing PS4 SERVER

PS4 Server name: Clash of Kings: Respectful PvP - No Griefing
NA East
20 Slots
Less than 48 hours old (at time of post)
24/7 PvP
Timed base destruction

  • 4x XP
  • 3x Harvesting
  • 0.2 Crafting
  • 8 Member Clans
  • Drop Inventory on Death
  • Remain in World
  • Events
  • Community Map Rooms
    Clash of Kings is a brand new, 20 slot PS4 server. Although the server is young and small, if it proves to be received well, we will certainly expand it. Things move a little faster in our server, for we know how long and tedious the grind to level 60 can be. Harvesting is also slightly increased, with crafting receiving a major boost. The days of waiting years for those steel reinforcements are long behind us.

The server is run by a group of lifelong friends, all of whom are incredibly relaxed and are dedicated to being attentive to the community and its needs. Your opinions matter, and your voices will most certainly be heard. Powers will never be used in an abusive manner, and we truly want to be seen as regular players, just like the rest of you. That means we are more than capable of being raided, without repercussions! Save for counter raids, of course.

As this server is more or less brand new, almost every one of your favorite building locations is sure to be available, but not for long! Join now to secure your spot, and enter the Clash of Kings!

Clash of kings did you say i’ll join in a couple hours if there is space

I am living in NZ so my GMT is 11-13 hours ahead from UK time

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So what’s the rules here bud I just got a glimpse of a tower north of me lmao

Ty mysterious lady

no serious rules, just no griefing, no building over resources, boss spawns, animal spawns Etc.


I just started tonight and haven’t seen many players. I do see at least 4 recent avatar summons on my map. I also found a base belonging to your admin. Two elevators and black ice with anti climb for days. I see you found several Captain thralls and crafted Silent Legion gear for them. You guys must have done the thing in just 2 to 3 days. That’s a lot of work to be completely legit. My hats off to you. I’m glad you wouldn’t do something like abuse admin rights.

we used avatars to get rid of a base we made, we allowed one of the members to build a base with admin powers. I’m sorry you feel otherwise, but we legitimately just want to play the game like everyone else. We were tired of the toxicity of official servers, so we decided to make a server to get rid of that toxicity for all players. We don’t spawn any weapons/armor in , and bases that are big and are spawned in are strictly for aesthetic purposes and serve no defensive purpose. I did not build the black ice base, ill see who did.

Also we’ve just came from a server that completely abused powers of admin. Thats why we’ve made it different, if you see roaming around the exiled lands. I don’t use god mode, admin powers, or anything so feel free to hit me or whatever. Im a normal player just like you, I like PVP and I wouldn’t really have much fun out of the game if i just spawned a bunch of stuff in and made myself untouchable. I messaged my friend about the black ice too by the way and thats where we keep starter pack materials for new players. We are in no way trying to make ourselves untouchable because that would be quite boring very fast. We want everyone to enjoy this server and we plan on adding more slots as more players join.

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I was just giving you a hard time, friend. No worries. A clean server is a fresh start and I don’t plan on going anywhere. You mentioned crafting times being reduced heavily but didn’t mention thrall and animal taming being reduced as well. If people are looking for a clean slate, they should definitely check this place out. I’ll promote it to my friends a bit.

I’ll be on myself in a bit work suddenly got busy but this server is well worth it no admin abuse I have seen and I played few hours no issues so far apart from a dang corrupted hyena that kept killing me lmao :joy::joy::joy:

Anyone wanna help me run through the summoning place for cooking recipes and witch doctor feat in a bit??? (I did try earlier for a few hours but got mowed down lmao)

Nevermind lmao