Class Distrubitons


Well I rolled a Conq and leveled a bit and I realized that there is tons of conq. I loved the conq as a dps but I am pretty sure no one allows me in dungeons and raids as a dps. So I am going to reroll a new class which is not popular amongs to players. I like to make a difference so any advice for that please ? Thanks !


Create Herold of Xotli. : )


How much did you level? 10 levels? 20 levels? Many people on those levels try out classes and probably don’t even play them to level 80 since they switched to something else so the class distribution overall is pretty even. There was a post from the developers which showed a chart a few weeks after Saga started, obviously there were a few classes that had a higher pick percentage but overall it was balanced.
Regardless on which server you start and what class you play, you will always find a spot in most raids and groups, class stacking is no problem at all, I do however have the feeling that tanks are sometimes more needed than other classes but that could be just a personal perception since I mostly occupy a healer slot.

Just play whatever class you want. I personally would advise you to play a healer just because… well, I like having to do a lot of things, healing and doing DPS (a healer that does no DPS in AoC is useless) and the things you need to do at the encounters. Thats awesome from my point of view… DPS classes need to do… well, DPS, that’s nice too but not enough for me. All healer classes are generally “complex” to play (always depends on what you can do with your class, some people may play their class not that great and rather easy, others push it to the maximum and create a more complex playstyle), you got lots of spells for damage, healing and supporting (like shielding spells on PoM or damage buffing spells on ToS).