Claws of Jhebbal Sag and Pens



I just wanted to come on and post about my irritation at Funcom and provide feedback. There are two reasons for this:

  1. Claws of Jhebbal Sag - setting a decay timer on these is uncalled for. Given the material cost for them and the fact they should be endgame items, I think the decay timer is completely unwarranted. Removing said timer and dropping the damage would be, IMO, much more acceptable.

  2. Pet pens - as mentioned by others, they are entirely too large. I understand the concept of matching the pen size to the pet size, but there has to be some room to bend on that…


How long is the decay timer on the claws?


10 Minutes :smile:


Sweet lamprey of Santa Fe, that’s short!


Hey Mazikeen :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for the feedback. I understand your frustrations, but there are balancing reasons for why we made these decisions.

The Claws of Jhebbal Sag are an incredibly powerful weapon that allows you to move extremely fast, both in and out of combat and you can take down a lot of dangerous enemies with it. We didn’t want players to run around with them indefinitely, hence the decay timer.

We expected players to tame multiple pets at the same time, and tests results show that this is what players are doing. We also wanted stables to be an important part of your settlements’ scenery and they needed to be large to accommodate bigger creatures.

Right now there aren’t any plans to introduce smaller, single pens, but we do know that this is something that’s been highly requested by the community. :slight_smile:


Could you please balance the game and find a use for every resouce so we don’t have to have over 50 boxes full of leather please! I like what you did with the carpenter bench i really love it that’s what I wanted to see more off. Also take into account how many hours we should spend for farming certain things especially on multiplayer as a lot of the things that have to be done eat up massive chunks of time such as farming volatile glands which can take days even on 10x servers.


Just playing devil’s advocate, but you don’t have to have 50 boxes of leather. I get that it ruins some people’s immersion to ever throw resources away, and it’s probably near impossible to not have leather in abundance given the amounts of tar needed for… everything. But still, fifty boxes seems… excessive.

It’s probably nearly impossible to not have some resources become overabundant given the many different playstyles, locations and whatnot.


I agree but likes I said they could find an alternative as the tar is very needed maybe you could do 10 leather for 1 tar? Could melt the leather or smth idk.


Sure, or one hundred leather for a thick leather (I’ve suggested this before), make the conversion rate horrible so only those actually drowning in the material would use it. I’m no leatherworker, but I’m sure some sort of explanation could be given - layering fabrics for warmth/protection is a real thing after all.


As you need the tar for basically everything you end up with hundreds especially if you plan on having a lot of bombs or making a base anything… As you need steel.


If the pens have to be so big, could you fiddle with the overlapping or ground contact requirements? It’s bloody hard to find a spot that doesn’t flag one of those issues. I’m at the point where I may not bother with pets, which is a pity.


I agree with keeping the Pens large. Is it cumber sum, yes. But from what we have learned over the last 5 months of release is, a majority of players will exploit things if there is no consequence. A large Pen means either leaving it in the open, or building a base/wall around it to raise pets. Making a small pen allows for easily stacking of towers of these in honeycombed walls, and just more lag. I know RP and PVE people would say “What about me” but TBH, you have less to worry about, as no one can destroy your Pen. PVP people always need risk/reward choices when building bases and crafting stations to prevent mass producing something without consequence. IE, you can create a factory of 30 smelting stations and firebowl cauldrons. Just don’t use it as spawn point or forget your HAZ MAT suit (Silent Legion) when in that base (LOL).


The problem isn’t that the pens are too large, it is that they’re ‘fake’ size is too large. They require like empty squares ALL AROUND them. The minimum space to put them in is like 8x12, which is beyond ridiculous considering their actual size is more like 6x8.


I’d be happier to see them implement some form of trading at set city so that players could sell off excess resources for something they need. You know, give those merchants something useful to do.


Sure, but it wouldn’t be easy to balance. Not that I have much of a problem with that, I don’t play “at the edge” anyway, and something being slightly too easy or too hard (relative to something else) is no big deal to me.


Jens i understand that you had to balance them out but 10 Minutes? I mean they cost a lot so you have to farm for it like an hour for about 10 minutes of fun, that’s ridiculous. And they arn’t even that good in pvp, the damage isn’t that high and you can easily outmatch them by running in circles.

I don’t like what you did with some of the timers with the last Patch. Some timers are way to short. The midnight potion for example. 30sec? I can not even run out of my base to get me a thrall or pet on follow in 30sec…


well, they aren’t an important part of our settlements scenery they ARE our settlements scenery^^


Please keep in mind that we have to balance weapons and items not just for PvP, but for PvE as well. In terms of pure numbers the damage might not be that high, but the speed gain is immense, even more so than the daggers.

We added the countdown timer on the Potion of Midnight to prevent people from using it as a quick getaway from fights. Since it’s an instant teleport we wanted to avoid players hoarding them to use as an escape tool. This way you have to use it very quickly after making it.

We’re, of course, always open to listen to feedback, so I’m going to forward your messages to Oscar, our lead designer :slight_smile:


Well, I updated one of my mods to include the Jhebbal Sag claws with lowered damage. I decided to match the damage to daggers because 51 unmodded damage is uncalled for (and I am willing to take a damage reduction to remove that bloody decay timer).

If anyone wants it, head to my workshop and pick up Fist Weapons or The Goblins Stash. I’m tossing a link here but if moderators have some kind of policy against it and remove it, my username is Waffle_Goblin in Steam.


try putting a max damage mod on them! lol