Clay Talos Upheaval bug

The Clay Talos attack “Upheaval” is incredible inconsistent in smacking you upward for some reason. I doubt that is intended.
Any insight from other players warmly welcomed. Can’t have bosses going weak on us…

Maybe bosses now have to adhere to the 6-target AoE limit, too. :wink:

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What it looks like to me… If more than a few dont move, it pretty consistendly only throw some

I’ve noticed this when tanking it. In some instances I’ll be thrown about like a ragdoll and others I’ll stay firmly attached to the ground.

At first I thought it was a change to the mechanic (other Talos have been changed slightly, I’m looking at you Lava) but it’s inconsistency suggests otherwise.

I figure it’s because no one has easy access to Slight of Hand anymore. If it popped people up all the time when there is no reliable, easy way to gain CC immunity, it would be quite annoying indeed.

I use gadget against it, it was easy to access. :thinking:

You mean the gadget that’s a random drop, rather than the skill which anyone with 7 AP could get?

I do nothing and it sometimes doesn’t knock me up. I would understand if I don’t get knocked up under special conditions but I couldn’t find any so far.

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It’s cheap on AH also. And I recall in tSW I had to ask people how they managed to not fly after certain attack of that big golem because I had no idea what to buy. Now it’s the same but with gadget.

I currently see all of 6 Phoenician Support Stratagems on the AH. A dozen or so Purification. Is that enough to cover the entire playerbase?

It’s not about gadgets or immunity. It’s about the fact that Upheaval is not consistent.

I have no skill or gadgets that would stop the effect yet depending on the instance I end up in the air or get trapped on the floor.

It’s an argument over my suggestion that the lack of reliable CC Immunity in SWL as the reason why Upheaval is inconsistent. Given that CC Immunity is not 7 AP away from everyone, I think it makes sense for it not to be constant.

I answered Starsmith about access, not about the fact not everyone go up when it’s time. :woman_shrugging:

Also, @Starsmith, I believe if there’s demand there’ll be more of them :thinking:

Tell the Random Number Gods I demand more stuff :smiley: Then they’ll make more!

I’ll tell farming gods.

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It’s not a bug. You’re evading and glancing the attack. Check out your stats under the event buff:


I would have copy pasted actually glancing the Upheaval but my combat log was moving a little quick :slight_smile:


I definitly have to look at the combat log on the next clay golem. Also check the silver one for similar behaviour.

I checked it on the Silver talos (who has the same attack) and could confirm it easily. Thanks for pointing that out. Will ask the devs if that is intended behaviour.

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