Client crashes when doing the Making Contact quest

My AOC client crashes when I log into the game. I am doing the “Making Cointact” quest but cannot get to where I meet Cang Jei. Is just crashes. Says the client is not responding.
All other toons work perfectley well and I have no problem logging them in.

by any change do you have that setting activated in interface options : “Skip all videos” or something like that ? changing the setting with another character may fix it. or you will need a petition.
I had an issue with that on saga of zath and my character would be stuck on the loading screen for gateway to khitai.

It doesn’t help. Tried to turn off the cutscenes but it is still the same.
Guess this cutscene has to be there cos you have to talk to Cang Jei as part of the quest before you zone in to Gateway.

you need to turn ON the cutscenes.

It was on when I crashed 1st time…

In my experience you have to be extremly patient on that one. It seems to hang up but eventually it loads. Sometimes alt+tab did help for me to advance it, but it took very long to proceed each time.

Task manager says the client is not responding. If I wait long enough Windows own crashing system wants to shut the programme down and send a failure report. This comes with 10 or 20 seconds.