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Several Youtube videos have appeared showing problems in the dungeons relating to invisible enemies and/or distant enemies attacking players. We also had a few players on server experience this situation.

The Initial Issue.

There are a couple of videos, specifically the Wine Cellar and Black Keep, showing Wights, Silent Legion, and others in the distance jumping to attack, while your character takes damage because they are, in fact, in front of you, not in the distance.
You will find one or two topics on this forum with attached videos. I will note here that posting these videos without context or parameters isn’t very helpful. We had players say something, and decided to do some thorough testing.

Another seemingly unrelated issue is the random freezing and disconnect on PS that is happening much more frequently.

The Process

We tested on four official servers, all Exile Lands. We also tested on three private servers, and had six players test single player on their consoles (PS4 (2), PS5 (3), Xbox (1))

On each server, and in single player, we each ran the Black Keep and the Wine Cellar four times.

On the private servers, we also ran each dungeon twice in groups of two or more.

These dungeons were chosen because they were specificall metioned or shown in the videos.

The Results.

Single player and private servers had no issues. Everything worked as it was supposed to.

Official servers are another matter.
Six players over four PvE and PvE-C servers reported similar issues including;
1 - Enemies not appearing but damaging players
2 - Enemies in the distance going through attacking motions and damaging players, ie, in the Black Keep, Silent Legion down the hall were swinging axes and hitting players. If a the player went into attacks, he could defeat them, as they would eventually appear on his end of the hall.
3 - Stamina and/or health would drain and not replenish. Potions did nothing for up to a minute.
4 - Thralls off site-seeing somewhere else. This was the norm in the Black Keep.

I should note that no one completed the Black Keep without dying. Three players could not complete it, or 50%.

Just for fun, I re-ran the Black Keep early Sunday, Sep 24. It was a rarity on our main PvE server, as I was the only player on. I was able to complete the dungeon without a problem.

I have also run through the dregs twice. The second trip was in the middle of the day with a full server. I had no issues until the end, when the slug did not appear. I can’t confirm if it was reset or program issue, because mechanisms were all activated, and the water levels were already rising and lowering. So, someone had been through recently.
Ran the Ice palace this morning. That was fun. No issues.
We have run 12 purges on official, single, and private with no issues.


It appears to be affecting Officials only. Is this related to server load? I would say yes, in some fashion. We have always been able to tell when particular clans are logging in, due to the stuttering effect on their enormous base loading in. The private servers were less populated, and were easier to navigate.

There you go. Hope that helps.

This is happening on PRIVATE servers too.

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OK. You experienced this on a private server? That does not invalidate the premise. We only had three servers to test.

Also, I personally had different results on the same server in the same dungeon, the only difference was the number of players in the game. It only strengthens the data.

We are trying to provide information here.

Possible to get server setting files on working private servers to see if there is any difference to private servers that are experiencing these issues?

That is an excellent idea. We did not think about that. Thanks.

If you want to hit me up on the Admins United Discord we can exchange files, because the dedi I’m running with only 3 people is having major issues. Discord name is the same.

This can happen on private servers. I think after they are running a while. restarting seems to fix it. I have my server set up to restart once a week but that doesn’t seem to be enough. So i restart the server when things are noticeably off.

Sorry for the delay, but I am not the admin on a couple of the servers.

Our server is set exactly as the officials except there is no decay. We wanted the same game play, but without the toxic players.
The ladies play with the same as officials as well. No decay
Sai has his set the same, but with 4x experience
I checked with two other people, and their servers are all set as officials. 28 day decay on one, no decay on the other.

It appears a lot of people like the official settings, but not the problems that come with some players.

What are you playing? PC, PS5, Xbox?

I bought private server on g-portal and I’m playing it with one friend. So two payers, when we have more than 6 NPCs around us it starts to lag and rubber band NPC from place to place.


What platform are you playing on?

I am on a PS5, with a 3TB stick.

What’s your status after the hotfix?

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