Climate and armor

Can someone please tell me what the CURRENT working solution is for hot and cold? I’ve played this game alot, and am returning…again. what armor actually helps with hot and cold? I’m under the impression the legion armor is good for hot, what about cold? Is it cimerian stuff? They have messed with this mechanic so much , as with anything for this game there is no easy google search or database online that is definitively kept up to date. if there is, please share.

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It’s a secret. I found it after the caravans came and gone. And, you get to walk out of the volcano near the obelisk and right into the white dragon. :grin:

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Redeemed silent legion works well for both . Rusted armor is outstanding for both. Mistmourn shield for hot and solspeil shield for cold, is another way to manage. However my go to for temp management is the dragon scale helm. It’s not great but it’s enough to not die and it’s for both hot and cold.


My Hero. Thanks!


The Abyssal armor set of sorcery is not bad either :wink:. And it’s very cheap.

Armor usually has one pip in both Hot and Cold resist but there are several armors now that have two or more pips. I’m not sure how accurate the wiki is but here’s a link to the Heavy armor list.

If you’d prefer for your build to wear primarily armor that has one pip I’ve found that by wearing two pieces of armor with two pips you can travel to every location with the exception of the Temple of Frost (Which needs more cold resist, I use Legacy of Nordheimers when black ice farming)

I usually wear redeemed, but I like to wear khari Raider gauntlets for the increased encumbrance, so this is my go-to since I get a tad bit too hot or cold sometimes. I just illusion it to something better looking. I think I’m using the voidforge dragonscale hood to keep the dragon theme, but nicer looking.:+1:

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This right here. It may be hard to get because it’s a random drop, but if you do find it, better take good care of it (because it can’t be repaired anymore). I also have Mistmourns on a wall next to all of my map rooms, with a “Remember Mistmourn” sign right next to the Volcano teleport spot - but the shield doesn’t help when you’re climbing, which makes the Volcano much harder to navigate. The Dragon Scale helm helps in that regard.

As for cold, Skelos Master robes have served me just fine in all but the extreme coldest places, and I’m not sure if any amount of protection helps with those spots. Just need to remember not to accidentally eat ice (or yellow snow) while wandering the frozen places.

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