Climbing Anansi 1 / 3

Since AEGIS was foolishly removed from SWL, this mission seems weird. Everyone is thanking you and telling you they’ve been watching me. This is slightly creepy. I can only imagine what the SWL neophytes who never played TSW think.

But they give us those tower things and I thought they kinda just need to see how this stuff work with someone can fight? Kinda weird but works for me.

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You’re helping them prove their research. It’s a good day! applause

But what exactly are they researching? Explain in a SWL only context. The game isn’t actually doing a particularly good - or even just reasonably mediocre - job if it.

They… work on AEGIS? Don’t they?


And those whiteboards

I can’t say I really understand what AEGIS is but also not sure I should understand. Wasn’t it left in game as some kind of cameo?

It’s just a little jarring that the scientists start in with the fawning before you do anything for them in SWL. In SWL you are an intruder to the tower that the AEGIS scientists grab and use for their studies, and you go along because why not?

In TSW, AEGIS was something our characters were using daily in Kaidan long before they got to the Tower; those names on that whiteboard belong to Secret Worlders who were on the leaderboards for killing most Oni, etc., at the time the Orochi Tower was released. So all the fawning and cheering for us was because they had been gathering AEGIS data from us in the field for quite a while before we ever stepped into the tower. In TSW, the scientists knew us by name and were happy to see us in person! To them, even if we were intruders, it wasn’t important because OMG it’s her I’m such a fan, let me just get you to help in person!!

ETA: AEGIS in SWL is a result of Orochi being Orochi and trying to weaponize Filth, then being stuck with Filth critters with energy shields because just plain Filth critters weren’t bad enough. So now Orochi has to create AEGIS to clean up its own mess.

In TSW, Filth evolved shields and different attacks on its own, being at Ground Zero sped up its evolution somehow. So Orochi responded by creating AEGIS to defeat the Filth’s evolved weaponry, and Secret Worlders traveling to Kaidan picked up and used AEGIS devices so they could work there. It was literally impossible to kill anything in Kaidan without AEGIS devices.

Exactly this. It’s just bizarre.

In fact, the entire vestigial “AEGIS” left over in the game is jarring in itself. A few notes here and there talking about it’s “failure” (I liked AEGIS, please bring it back :frowning_face:) and such would be fine. Maybe a malfunctioning tower or something, but it makes no sense that any mob in Kaidan has a shield on it if all of them don’t. Why? Why are there only shielded mobs whenever there are towers nearby to break the shields? It’s just a very obvious McGuffin and does break in-universe consistency.

All it seems that the devs did for AEGIS was to take a giant eraser and remove large swaths of it and just letting the remaining bits dangle in the breeze. There wasn’t much reworking or rewriting to smooth the jagged edges where the rest of it was ripped out of the game.

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The Law of Salvage is ahead of the Tower in storyline, isn’t it?

It is also optional and no longer features any explicit references to AEGIS.

Well… it does mention affinities, which of course are meaningless in SWL.

Frankly, when “if you do all optional missions the SWL version of AEGIS probably vaguely makes sense” seems to be the kind of stretch necessary to defend the SWL treatment of AEGIS, it’s probably indefensibly bad.

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Given how Law of Salvage was rewritten, I have no reason to believe any of the info in it made it back to Orochi. If it’s related to AEGIS, it’s more likely to be on the Orochi Dun Did It Again side, rather than the AEGIS side, so no reason for the AEGIS researchers to be overjoyed about it.

Bustin’ did have non-targetable onryo with psychic shields, but I don’t know if that was intentional, given how the gaki in the parking garage and several Flappies in All Seeing Kawaii had shields then had them patched out later on. It’s such an offensively bad mission I never bothered to do it more than once to see if those shields still exist.

Oddly enough, I’d argue that SWL’s AEGIS got much more compact, easier to find explanation than TSW’s did (I could never find that damned tutorial video again, and it took me several play throughs to notice how the Oni got infected…given how many asked about that, I’m not the only one who didn’t see it for a long time), it’s just that the tattered edges of where TSW’s was ripped out and replaced are still visible.

ETA: I never even caught that the Mitsubachi were mentioned so early on, this video used to play just before we exited the subway and entered Kaidan for the first time.


I must have never caught this. Where is that explained?

Also, the tutorial video makes AEGIS sound absolutely amazing. Bring it back, damn it.

Inbeda chose the wrong back to scrub…! :inbeda:


In the parking garage, the gaki have demonic shields. The gaki that possesses the dead oni transfers the demonic shield to the oni as it resurrects it. After that, all oni in the parking garage have demonic shields. That isn’t the point the infection happens, just the explanation of how it happened—presumably other yokai passed the infection to the oni in Jikogou on Earth.