Climbing Faust Floor 19 Tooltip Text Error

When exiting the elevator on Floor 19, the floating tooltip over the doors states that you are about to exit the lift into the Orochi Tower Lobby, which is where you entered the tower. Landogoshen but that had me confused for a whole femtosecond.

[Edit. Actually happens on Manticore 22 too, so poss it’s been happening all the way through this mission arc and I’ve failed to notice until now.]

It’s the tooltip for the button that takes you back to the lobby, which is present on every floor surely?

No, on every floor hover the mouse over the door you are about to exit -no matter what floor- and it tells you that beyond those doors is the Orochi Tower lobby. The tooltips for the buttons and the card reader are off to the right and are not an issue.

Mebbe it’s a cultural thing -like this whole ‘1st floor’ nonsense of calling the 1st floor you come to (and what if the main point of ingress was a skylight, eh? Eh? Or if we hadn’t invented doors & you have to climb in through a window a flight up? And what if you live in a castle in the sky? No wait, that undermines the point of my digression. Damn it.) ‘the 1st floor’ when logical peeps -us Brits- call the floor at ground level ‘the ground floor’ and the ‘1st floor’ is then logically the 1st floor above that, and so on- but when I hover the mouse over the door I want to know -spoilers excepted- what’s on the other side of that door when I’m hovering the mouse, not what might be on the other side in some circumstance other than the one I’m actually in. Or the floor I’m actually on.

Trivial stuff, but actually not so trivial when the circumstance is a loooonnng chain of missions that you don’t want to get to 3/4 of the way through and then accidentally have to start all over again because you unwittingly took the elevator to a different floor from the one you intended then logged off to get some sleep and came back to find you’ve lost all progress. Like the bishop in that damn clubhouse the first time I ran through that with a less-than-stellar build (‘Bishop’s done? Right, get some shut-eye before tackling the Crawling Prayer.’ That was a mistake.)

Assuming you got the keycard from the floor you were on first, going back to the Orochi Lobby shouldn’t reset any progress on the mission.

It’s the tooltip for the elevator button that takes you back to the lobby - the door itself doesn’t have a tooltip because you can’t interact with it. The interaction “hitbox” for that button is way too big and probably shouldn’t cover halfway across the door but that is what you’re looking at, nonetheless. :v:

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