Climbing issues after patch 1.40 - Please report here

Hey everybody,

We’re aware of an issue that prevents climbing in certain locations of the map, mainly in underground caves or locations. Our team is working on a fix and we aim to release it as a hotfix soon.

Due to the overwhelming number of threads about it we’re going to merge all existing ones into this thread. Please make sure to check the forums before posting about an issue that has been posted previously.

Thanks for your patience and apologies for the frustrating issue.

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: North America

You can no longer climb in to the hole in the Black Galeon… There is a ghost that shows you the way up and you can’t grab the cliff to climb up. I just found out that you also can’t get out of the cave with the sand reaper that gives you the scourgestone piece without killing yourself… Cause you can’t climb

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.enter online play
2.go to black galeon secret entrance
3.attempt to follow ghost up the cliff to grab cliff

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Game mode: Online official server 3880
Problem: Bug
Region: us official server 3880

Stuck in the temple of frost under ymirs forge. Went in to get black ice with my bearer now im logged out hopping for a fix b4 i lose all my stuff!

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Game mode: [Online | pvp]
Problem: | Bug | Performance
Region: [EU]

i can’t climb out of the passage cave… now i’m stuck in there…


Are you stuck just between G H 11 too?

Tried to build can’t so you cant get out without dying.

Jup, I’m also stuck there…

I have the same issue on the PS4 servers even with my friends. When do you think it’s going to get fixed.

I have been jumping around like fool for 30min without any progress…And i just got my full epic flawless set finished. I dont want to loose my stuff for this kind of bug. Funcom make stairs or something there if you cant fix it.

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Since im stuck inside the passage i decided to try solo sand reaper queen. Since i wont get out there alive anyways. Well that boss is bugged inside of rock…

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Same issue on PS4 server 3059 eu pve. No surface climbable, the only way out is suicide.

Link: forums. funcom. com/t/climbing-is-bugged-in-the-passage/62311

This well reported bug from 27days ago is now live on PS4 servers, good job!

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I have the same problem please funcom fix this or make contact with us to get ur stuff back i lose alot if i cant go out of there!!!

Hi same problem on pc !!!

Since you get stuck inside of the passage. How are we suppose to get scourgestone piece now? Story is really fascinating and would be fun to complete it. Btw i have passage problem in 3060 eu pve server on ps4

Ya, it was mention on testlive, Sad it manage to make it to live game even after staff made note of it. =/


I just got done making my first lvl 60 gear and was going to asagarth and now I’m stuck hoping my pet makes it back to base with what I gave him and hope some clanmates will come with another empty pet to give the rest to.

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Same issue on pc 5/8/19. I think I’ll log off on this character in the hopes of a hot fix. I have too much good stuff on me to let me die in a place i cant reach.

Yeah, this bug is happening all over the map on PS4… You can’t use the secret passage in to the bottom of the black galeon either… A lot of areas are now impossible to climb. I made a report about the galeon, then a few hours later got trapped in the passage leading a guy to the volcano… This game is starting to suck!


I got stuck in the temple of frost by the dragon had my t4 bearer getting black ice. Gave all my stuff to my bearer and logged out. Hope they get it fixed or i will lose alot

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Game mode: [Online | official server]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [Here]

It will not let me climb out of the passage, and climbing anywhere else seems to have me let go go randomly even though i am not taking damage and am not over encumbered

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.somehow survive a fall into the Passage
2.try to climb anything

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