Climbing issues

Anyone having issues climbing onto boats that are away from docks? (Rope ladders are there).Character can climb the ladder but release as soon as I get to the top. There is a named npc I’m trying to get. Stamina full, not encumbered when I’ve tried.

Press the spacebar (or whatever your jump key is) immediately after your character starts to fall, they should vault over the edge and find themselves aboard.

I’m hoping this will get a fix relatively soon, climbing any part of the ships to get on to the deck is a lesson in frustration at the moment.

There’s been similar issues with climbing in general, not just boats. I’ve found that just holding the spacebar down the whole time seems to work 90% of the time as a workaround though.


I can confirm that. :wink:

I’m not certain what they’re called other than “attachment points,” but the climbing experience has become more challenging due to fewer active attachments points, on any surface. Climbing is once again a hand-sweating, pants-wiping, Apple-Watch-heartrate-spike-inducing festival of “do I REALLY need this recipe?” second guessing.

@Glurin is right: keep “climb” pressed the whole time.

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