Climbing Vali 1/2 bounty mission is poorly designed

Well, “poorly” might be a bit much, but the mission text clearly says to deactivate all of the malfunctioning drones. Well, there are two Nanny drones and two Janitor drones that seem to be doing their jobs just fine and aren’t malfunctioning, but the mission requires you to destroy them, too. It doesn’t make you (nor does the game allow you to) destroy the “love bot”, so why the Nanny and Janitor bots just doing their friggin jobs? It’s hard enough to get work in this city when you’re a semi-autonomous AI built using recycled organic components.

EDIT: Discourse changed my 1/2 in the title into a one half. That’s cute.

Also, while I’m here, on Climbing Vali 2/2 the final goal of “Locate and destroy the test subject” points to a place off the map rather than the center area. Not that you can get lost on any of the Orochi Tower floors or anything, just something that irked me.

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I thinked the same thing: I had to go back to kill those robots I firstly spared, only to complete that mission.

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