Clipping Exploit?

Has anyone had this happen recently? I’m on a PVE-C server. The event log shows that this happened on Oct 6th.

I logged into the game and all of my character’s inventory was missing. Then I discovered a low level player inside my house near the front door, unconscious, with all of my stuff, so I killed them and of course took everything back.

Black ice fence surrounds my entire base 360 degrees so there is no way to climb up. I have no windows, no open walls, everything is completely 100% enclosed. There are even 3 sets of doors to get into the actual house where the player was found. My girlfriend and I are the only people in our clan, and neither of us were online that day or day before.

After looking at it and double checking everything, it shows that it was just somebody who got in, but couldn’t get out. So the only reasonable explanation, in my opinion, would be a clipping exploit … which I didn’t think existed up until this point.

Anyone else?

There can be many factors besides clipping.

How tall is your black ice fence. Many people forget there is a double jump perk.

some people can undermesh in the right conditions to get into a base that is built on a hill side.

Even if the black ice fence was not there, there is no way to get inside of the actual structure. The fence is only there to keep people off of the balcony surrounding the structure.

However the base is built on one of these things (picture below), so then based off of your last sentence then I’m guessing that they maybe found a way to clip/jump through the bottom and up through the floor. Since my foundation rests directly on top of one of these:

im not very educated on how exploiting walls works but im going to say yes.

I would go the extra step and build a fence around the entire base.

Yeah there’s you tube vid’s telling people how to use clipping exploits, thought they’d fixed that till my thrall clipped through the ground while fighting a boss so looks like it’s still possible to do, if a thrall can do it i suppose a player could.

He could have been an old player that had logged out … I logged into a server I had not been on for a few months and a clan had unknowingly built there fishing hut around me :upside_down_face:

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could be also clipping through walls
Add a layer of walls/foundation from the inside of ur walls to secure this aspect

Spike the interior also. You can DoT them through a wall if they try to clip :wink:

Free lootbag sometimes.

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