Cloak Saga of Blood


When get this cloak?


I kinda thought it would’ve been today with the restart.


I also wonder when will Saga of Blood end? I know it’s been talked about, asked about before but the server has been running for some time now. Also what character parameters are needed to get the extra slot? Any hints are appreciated.


Now that everyone’s back from Holidays and New Year’s, we’ll make sure everyone gets their cloak as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience; other dates are still TBA.


Everyone is leaving Saga and the game, when are you guys gonna announce anything?

End of saga?
Plans for merge?
That tournament or whatever it is?

Having no dates announced makes everything worse


When it’s ready to share. Also, I’m changing your name because it’s a violation of our social guidelines.


Ok thank you for the answer, I hope you guys realize that everyone hates having 0 news or not knowing when the server will end…


Thanks for the reply, hope all had a good break! :grinning:


AndyB and Mussagana,

Interest in Saga fail during the holidays and hasn’t picked back up. When Massagana dropped in that one evening and hosted an unplanned event in the arena, that was not only fun, but also helpful to morale. It DOES mean a lot to have you guys show up in game and do something like that and I DOES mean a lot for those of us who still log into Saga as often as we can. By now, the leaderboards are decided, the distance between number 25 and 1 or 10 and 1 is large enough that only the top 1-5 players are in contention for any final rewards. So, do us a favor and give us a date and plan. We would appreciate it…

Thank you,