Clones can't find the target

While the shenanigans of clones can be quite entertaining at times, I gotta admit that i feel rather useless when my main source of damage gets taken out entirely. In some boss fights a clone here or there will get confused and not find the target. Thats okay, not optimal, but okay. Surprisingly clones seem to find Boss 5 in Ankh, while i expected to have a whole army of them join the boss in his march to murder you. However on Boss 6 in ankh, having even 1 clone find the boss is a miracle. While doing tower and fighting AMIEE not a single clone could find the Computer in the center, which made the fight rather tedious. I’ve had fights where clones make up 50% of my damage, so it really dampens my damage output.

(The beauty of clones stalling when they can’t find the target)

Blasphemy! Those are Doppelgangers, not clones!
Gaia is no Orochi to fiddle with genetics, she cares of her bees in “other” ways.

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Ssssh i’m trying to throw Orochi off their game man, don’t be so loud about it.

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