Clothes stick as rubber, two random guards are more dangerous than huge dragons, and other bugs and glitches

May I suggest that before releasing new dungeons and lying to us about how renders work, you fix VERY basic glitches and balance issues? Many, many, MANY armors glitch out if a character has any body slider past 50%, and never ‘bounce’ back to working properly, sticking to bodies as if they were made of stretching rubber.

I went and killed 4 dragons one after the other, no big problem, then while walking around serpenmaru, 3 random npcs perma-stun-locked me and I died being unable to do ANYTHING about it. Not only was I staggered 99% of the fight, but they were invincible and wouldn’t take any damage on the rare chances I got to hit back. Plus because they were surrounding me, I couldn’t tumble past them to get out from the corner under a roof they had pushed me to.

This is very basic stuff, gentlemen. I am not asking you to stretch the map (which should be easy, btw, and that “objects would slow down the server” is a pitiful excuse that only those who know nothing about how rendering works, accept), I’m asking you to fix some basic issues with the game.

“Building piece won’t place where it SHOULD place? No issue! Switch to another piece then back to the one you want to use and that clears it out!”. Sure, it works as a workaround, but we shouldn’t NEED a work around, it should work in the first place. How about having the game check if the piece that “can’t go there” actually CAN go there if the player keeps clicking on it? Maybe the player is clicking for a reason?

And the DLC contents are getting more and more boring and predictable. Now they are all the exact same building pieces in other colors/skins, and three boring-looking armors plus some weapons and skin pets every single time. How about at least throwing in something new on each DLC? Something that won’t affect game balance, like say… you’ve added musical instruments in the DLCs, what do you think of adding a thrall slot to them where one can place a entertainer thrall and have that thrall play a piece of background music in that DLC’s cultural style? I am using mods which place decorations that carry with them ambient music, so it CAN be done.

…much like how BetterThralls proved you were lying when you said “you can’t pick thralls because they have an inventory” I guess.

And while on entertainer thralls, how about jugglers, sword-swallowers, fire-breathers, or at least some dances that look actually interesting to watch? Some of the current dances are downright stupid, and none of them are actually similar to what you’d imagine they would be in the Conan world. Why don’t you just google/youtube some traditional arabian, japanese, chinese, african, north european, etc dances? It would be really nice if equiping a dancer with yamatai armor caused him or her to do a classical japense dance, while a kithan armor starts a mongol or chinese dance, etc.

I assume we’re getting roman gladiatorial armor with Blood & Sand next? I am expecting to see metallic nets with barbs as weapons, instead of another set of spear/sword/hammer/dagger/axe just like in every single previous DLC. What I am -somewhat- interested in, is what building style will you include, since you already gave a roman/greek look to the aquilonian pueces.

Anyway, before worrying about adding things to the game, how about fixing the more obvious issues you’ve had in the game since day 1? Again, for example, the ‘clothes are glued and stretching’ and ‘random mooks are more dangerous than dragons’ issues?

Now for actual suggestions:

Add new types of entertainers

Add a entertainer slot to musical instruments

Add the ability to switch dancing styles of thralls, ideally with a radial menu, but at least by changing their outfits. It just cripples my immersion whenever I see a dancer doing the kithan dance in Silent Legion armor.

Sea water should not be drinkable.

Poisonous water (shettered springs) should not be drinkable

If we build something in the river and isolate it from the surrounding river, we should be able to empty it (with a waterskin? It would be funny if we could DRINK an 8x8x8 room dry, though). Maybe add a basic lever-operated pump? We have elevators already

Make elevators faster and further reaching.

Honestly, just go to the steam workshop and look around for inspiration. I am sure the creators would be quite honored if you took their ideas and added them to the game. They made those mods BECAUSE the game lacked them, after all.

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I would love the entertainers and the removing water thing. I’m building a ship base in water and would love to drain it some

Love it. :metal:

Pump the breaks. I live off sea water, lol. No, but that would great immersion to the survival

This is a real issue that’s ruining my enjoyment of the game. I get hit once and just stand there dying, not even able to equip a weapon. We don’t have this effect on NPC’s.

I agree.

I agree, and the new Riddle of Steel was certainly not worth $10. For what you get, it should have been given freely.

Absolutely! I believe they’ve been slowed down over time but I may be wrong. I slide & climb instead where I can. I avoid using my own…

You can always roll out of stunlock. Unless you wear heavy armor.

And here we come to the issue: heavy armor is just bad.

The devs could buff it by reducing the stunlock time by 75%. Also immunity to bleed and poison should be provided, since it’s thick and heavy armor.

This would also add an option for an agility perk to counter this immunity.


I like that idea! Considering the power of the combat roll, heavy armor should get added immunity as well as stun reduction (if not mitigation). Hard to stop a tank

I agree with the stunlock. If I get hit at all, my attack is interrupted and I’m staggered, whether its daggers or a greatsword. If most enemies in the game get hit during an attack, they ignore it and finish the attack! Make it work the same for everyone!

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This could not happen, because they had to license Arnies likeness, among other things.
And it is 6.99 on steam.

Fair enough, I didn’t consider this.

My apologies, I exaggerated by 5 cents…


I still think $9.95 is too much for what you get. In other DLC you get armour, weapons, building pieces and placeables for $4.55 extra.

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