Clothing / Hair Physics still bugged - 11/2020

Well put, Shinsai. I apologize to any who took offense; I never meant to imply that the frustration is not real and it is actually shared by me.

My point was that we all spent money for the game and some of us suffer less frustration by using the workarounds and accommodating some bugs more than others.

Given that, spending money on a game is not a reason that one problem is more important than another. It’s just not a valid argument.

I support everyone that submits a bug report. If it’s important to them, it’s important to me.

Were in a position to affect allocation of resources, I would have made some changes, but I’m not. Nor am I responsible for the bottom line.

My personal opinion is that Funcom has done a very good job balancing my fun and their income. Let’s call it a B+ (US notation, A+ is perfect).

All this from someone who plays like you do, PvE only, modless and chilling out.




I personally didn’t take offense, but I may have misread it though =p

100% agree that it doesn’t matter how much you spent on the game or what playstyle you enjoy etc., everyone here is equal and all concerns should be taken into consideration by Funcom and the other players on these forums :slight_smile: Let’s all be kind to each other :3

Speaking of if anyone took my original post on this discussion the wrong way, I am sorry! <3 I just agreed that there is currently many other bugs that need to be fixed and should probably have a higher priority not that I thought the OP’s post was irrelevant and shouldn’t be looked into :slight_smile:

In all honesty I whine alot about Conan xD But I do still love the game & always come back to it. And I am kinda proud? Im not quite sure of the word here haha That Funcom still updates and takes suggestions into consideration etc. because it is alot more than many other companies have done with other survival titles. So while I wouldnt say I personally think they do an amazing job because I do get frustrated often and have even quit a few times due to bugs and issues, they dont do a bad job either.

Actualllllyyyy I only play modded =p Eww get that modless talk outta here! (Just kidding xD) I considered playing vanilla recently but modded just has so many options annnddd I would probably be like where my elves and magic at pretty quick xD And the tiger mount! KITTY! New suggestion! Add more kitties! =D <3 <3 <3


Its not that I don’t use mods - but when you try to fix an error, you should disable all mods first
I even hostet a server with fashionist some time ago.

I’d suspect, that the error might be caused by applying a wrong LOD-model but thats just guessing

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Hey there,

Our team is aware of this issue and will look into it for the vanilla version of the game.
Thanks for your feedback.


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