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So I was wondering the probability of this working. Can you set up sort of a virtual web within your computer? sort of like using hypervisor thingy and your own server rack to create local private network and not having to connect to any public domain through ISP? If so, without the connection with public web/www can you still synch the game to your local net?/more like trick the process (if the process does not require access to public domain).


How does this game validate their users? Or more like, what is the inner-workings of validation process look like? I do not have any C language nor any ASM experience it is too much for me to handle but what I CAN say is that I understand basic principles of programing. So basically just a noob here. Got so many questions but one at a time!

Uh… if I understand correctly you want to create your own private web so you can validate the game without accessing an outside source?

That won’t work, all you’ll have is a closed network.

At it’s most basic: your machine sends a request to an outside server and receives either a true or false message back, respectively granting or denying access.

which source file can I find this process happening?

Windows already does this for you. If you run your own dedicated server on the same machine as Conan, you just connect to You don’t even need a router.

oh thank you didnt know that. So I guess that means closed network wont work…

If you have and want to use it. You can just connect to where xxx is the IP assigned by the router to the PC running the dedicated server. Its literally the same thing as what I mentioned before, but it loops back at the router instead of at the operating system.

Now if you’re trying to do what I suspect you are trying to do by the multiple other threads you’ve made. Then no you cannot trick the game into thinking its connecting to Microsoft Playfab through FLS.

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This is not something available to the public.

You’re asking for a method of circumventing a system which exists to prevent that to begin with.

You saw right through. So the answer is no. But thank you for the reply its amazing how such talented pple are among this community!

Oh if it isnt then probably I shouldnt mess with it but thanks!

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